World Famous Fried Chicken


This is a recipe that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and I’m still perfecting…but I think it’s progressed far enough to share with the world. There have been a few different people who have shown me how to make fried chicken, and I’ve mixed and matched their methods to find a great tasting (very fattening) fried chicken recipe.

I gotta shout out Dr. B for showing me how to season the chicken properly and my homey Mom (not my birth mom) for teaching me how to make the chicken batter.


Drumsticks and/or thighs
Lawry’s Season Salt
Vegetable Oil

Step 1: Prepare your chicken.
You want to let the chicken brine for about a half an hour. You do this by filling a pot large enough to hold all of the chicken you plan to cook with hot water and salt. This cleans out the impurities and makes your chicken a bit more tender.

Step 2: Prepare your batter.
What’s fried chicken without god fried chicken batter? You want to get a big ziploc bag thats atleast 10×10 inches but the bigger the better. Fill that about 3/5th’s with flour.
Next, you wanna dump a decent amount of Lawry’s season salt in until the bag turns brownish. Shake it up, mix it in then add about two table spoons of pepper, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of paprika. There’s honestly no exact science to it since a lot of the batter cooks off anyway.

Step 3: Heat your pot.
Now, I’ve been using a wok for a little while which is really great for fried chicken since it’s deep and doesn’t splatter as much, but any pan deep enough to hold enough oil and chicken to your liking is fine. You wanna fill the pan up until you know you can comfortably cover your chicken to about 3/5ths with oil, cut it on and wait for it to simmer.

Step 4: Season your chicken.
This was my aha! moment. Place your chicken on a plate or something large enough to hold however much chicken you’re cooking and sprinkle it with Lawry’s season salt, ordinary salt and pepper. Flip it over, and do it to the same side. This is what brings out the most flavor.

Step 5: Start frying!
Once your pot is hot (the pot it hot bay-bay) then you can start frying. Since your chicken should still be a bit damp from brining, you can toss it into the ziploc bag, piece by piece, shaking it as you go. Once your chicken is completely covered, you can take it out, and place it in the oil. Do this until the pan is full and let it cook. Give it a good 7 or 8 minutes, and once you can start smelling the fried chickeny goodness, then flip it over. Continue to flip at increasting intervals until it’s evenly cooked and golden brown on the outside.

Step 6: Cool off and serve!
To help drain out some of the excess grease, place a few paper towels into container and place your chicken inside for about 10 minutes. Once your chicken is cooled off, it’s ready to be served!


One Response to World Famous Fried Chicken

  1. aggie says:

    absolutely the best fried chicken I (and Henry he says) have ever ever had. I have not tried the recipe on my own – somehow I think there is some magic you put into this Rashid, that I won’t be able to replicate. But I will try! For now, I am going off to dream fried chicken.

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