Super Simple Spaghetti

When I moved to Philadelphia for college, Spaghetti was one of the first things I learned to cook after I learned how to boil water (It’s a skill, lol). I’d watched a few people make it before, and to my surprise it was as easy as it looked.


One box of pasta
Olive Oil
A pound of meat
A 1lb 10 oz. jar of spaghetti sauce (I prefer RAGU’s meat flavored sauce, but anything along the same vain works)
Salt, Pepper and Season Salt
An Empty Belly!


You should be able to serve 7-10 people pretty good portions, or eat out of it for a week and some change.

Step 1: Check Your Meat!
You want to make sure your meat is completely thawed out. If it’s been frozen (we know you’ve been meaning to cook it for a few days now) you want to set your microwave for about 15 minutes on defrost (but pay attention, this really really varies for everyone’s microwave!). If it browns a bit that’s ok, but make sure it doesn’t start to seriously cook.

Step 2: Pasta!
Your pasta is gonna take longer to cook than anything else, so you can start boiling your water first. Make sure you have a pot big enough to fit all of your pasta and turn on the heat! I like to put two tablespoons of olive oil in my pasta for flavor.You want to let your water boil, and once it’s boiling, you can dump your pasta in. It takes about 20 minutes to cook.


Step 3: Meat!
Give your pasta a good 10 minutes or so, and once it’s looking a little limp you can start to cool cook your meat. Get a pan large enough to cook your meat in, cover the bottom with olive oil and dump your meat in. Use a large wooden spoon (or whatever you have) to break the meat up and spread it out over the pan. Next, get your salt, pepper and season salt and pour a generous amount over your meat. It shouldn’t completely cover it, but it should be noticeable. You want to spread your meat over the pan while mixing it and turning it over a bit as you do. You have to pay close attention to your meat, so don’t walk away while it cooks! Continue to mix it up every few minutes until it begins to brown.


Step 4: Sauce!

Dump your sauce into your pot and put it on medium heat maybe 5 minutes after you start your meat. Stir it up every couple of minutes to make sure its evenly cooked, and doesn’t get stuck. When it starts to bubble, cut your heat down by about half of what you have it up so and let it simmer until your meat is finished cooking.


Step 5: Mix!

Once your meat is nice and brown, mix your sauce and your meat together, first in the pot that you cooked your sauce in, then dump it into a seperate container…something that is refrigeratable.

You can transfer the meat one of two ways…strain the oil out by dumping it all into a strainer, or get a big spoon with holes in it to take the meat out to be dumped into the sauce.

Step 6: Drain your speghetti

With a strainer, strain the water and oil out from your speghetti, leaving nothing but the pasta goodness.


Step 7: Serve!

Take the speghetti out and pour the meat sauce onto your plate for each serving. Store your sauce and pasta seperately.



(Ok, don’t laugh at our sloppy meals and our hood bowls. We take the heat, cause we likes to eat!)


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