Cape Verdean Corn Stew

Recipe by Anna Cabral Spencer

(The name of this stew is pronounced “meech en graou” which roughly translates to “Corn, one my one” in Creole).

Put in big pot:
½ cup of dried pinto beans (wash first)
A beef or pork neck bone and lamb stew bones and one spoonful of minced garlic

Cover ingredients with cool water and cook for 1.5-2 hours (keep flame on medium after boils)

Add 2 big tomatoes diced potatoes and 3 diced carrots and yucca (Cape Verdeans call it monyuac)
Add these spices: Italian Seasoning, Cumin, pepper and garlic powder
Let cook for ½ hr
Next add cut up par-boiled collard greens (or collard greens from a can)
Meanwhile, in a frying pan sauté onion (chop up an onion and throw it in a pan with oil on low until the onions turn golden/clear).

Add 3 big spoonfuls of ketchup to frying pan and stir.
Pour the onions and ketchup into the big pot for 40 minutes.
Throw in the pot 2-3 cans of loose corn (include the water in the can).

Add 2 cups of lima beans. (Frozen beans are better, says Nana).
Add ½ can of sliced tomatoes and some salt to taste.
Let cook for ½ hour and “if it tastes good, it’s ready!”



One Response to Cape Verdean Corn Stew

  1. Jeanie Rose says:

    Thanks Auntie Anna, you know I love to cook. I will definetly be making this.

    Love, Jeanie

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