JAG (Cape Verdean Rice and Beans)

By Nuala 

We ate this almost every night growing up. My nana says my mom cooks rice “like a cape verdean woman!” haha. I hope I do too. Can you?

In a medium-large pot sauté onions in a few tbs of oil

Add some minced (finely chopped) garlic

Add chunky sliced tomatoes

Add a chicken bullon cube, and a few shakes of parika

Add 1 can of beans (I like red beans or lima/butter beans but add whatever)

Add 3 cups of water

Add 1 ½ cups cup of rice ( a little over that… like 1 ¾) parboiled Golden Canilla Rice (enriched long grain)

Once it boils, turn the heat down low and cover the pot

It’s finished when the water is evaporated (usually takes about 15-20 min)


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