Nuala and Rashid welcome you to the Cool Cooks’ Kitchen where we take the heat ’cause we gotta eat.

If you’re young like us and trying to learn how to cook, not because you LIKE to cook, but because you can’t rely on MOM or DAD or MCDONALDS anymore, please join us for the ride.


About the cooks: Nuala and Rashid are friends and media/film graduates of Temple University. We enjoy eating, free-styling, potlucks, making films,  independence, nourishment and cooking on a budget. Learning family recipes and passing them on to the next generation is something we value as well.

A special thanks to all the parents and elders who have shared recipes with us and inspired us to take the heat!

To watch videos of Cool Cooks in the kitchen click here.  To contribute a recipe email us at thecoolcooks@gmail.com.


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