Baked African Rub Chicken


So, a friend of mine stumbled across this Nomu African chicken rub. It was left in my care for about  year before I decided to try it out and it was magnificent. So, I decided to throw some other generic spices in there to see how it came out. There are a million ways to make the chicken, but we’re going to bake it today.

Whatchu need:

4-6 chicken breasts
Nomu African chicken rub
Olive Oil
Some lemon juice

Everything from here is optional, but I like to use:
Season salt (Lawry’s)
Some Garlic Salt
Lemon Pepper

So, like any chicken recipe, you wanna let your chicken brine before you make it. Run some warm water into a big enough bowl to fit the chicken and enough water to more than cover it. You want to mix some salt into the water and dump the chicken in. It’s safe to let it sit for about 2 hours to let it do it’s stuff. Maybe more if the chicken is frozen.

Once the chicken is thawed out, and has been sitting for a while, we’re ready to start mixing in our spices!

The roommate banter is optional.
Anyway, you want to mix in all of your seasonings to taste. Since there’s no real formula to this, I’ll try to describe what I do:

I like the rub to be the strongest flavor, so I pour some olive oil in so it’ll stick, and use a little less than a tablespoon of rub per chicken breast. I sprinkle some pepper, and the other ingredients in, with a dash of paprika and rub it in. Lastly I squeeze the lemon juice on and let it sit. The lemon juice acts as a natural tenderizer, and usually the flavor cooks out.

Let it sit for about an hour or so. Fee free to do any hijinks like read other recipes on our blog or even freestyle.

Ok, Now that we’re good you can go ahead and pre-heat your oven for about 5 minutes on 450 degrees. Now, get a pan big enough and dump your chicken and chicken juices in. Cover it completely with aluminum foil to keep the moisture in, and let it cook for about 35-45 minutes.

Once it’s done, grab your oven mitts (or hockey glove or whatever) and get your chicken out. Let it cool, and remove the foil. Give it about 5-10 minutes before serving and you’re good to go!


One Response to Baked African Rub Chicken

  1. thecoolcook says:

    Rub a Dub Dub Rashid…. well done!

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